Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reflections on ICT

Looking back over the last couple of months, I feel that I have grown so much in my technology adventure because of ICT class. The amount of information and resources that I have used and been exposed to in this class will be extremely beneficial in my teaching career. Understanding the vast amount of programs, apps, and tools that are available to bring into my class to heighten student engagement will only provide benefits for both my students and myself.

I appreciate the way that this class has been structured. Having instruction followed by experience has been very positive for me. Not having a lot of background in using different applications, having the opportunity to practice using the different tools in a safe environment where I can ask questions and see classmates examples has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my ability to implement these techniques in my classroom.

Looking back two years ago when I started the Education Degree program I never would have anticipated the confidence that I would have in implementing ICT in my future classroom. I can not thank Mike enough for the resources and opportunities that he has provided for me. Allowing me to gain connections, both through I4ED as well as ICT, has given me the opportunity to develop a PLN that will encourage me to continue my learning in ICT.

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  1. It has been my pleasure to have you in two of my classes, Erin. You will be a top notch teacher ... see you when you come back to do an M.Ed.!